For Games played in conjunction with Stars and Stripes Academy (SASA)

and related post-season games when Game Officials are provided by SASA: the

following exceptions to RMFL playing rules apply only to games administered by

SASA Game Officials include but are not limited to:


1. The of scrimmage will be governed by the college rule that allows a defensive

player to jump into the neutral zone and return before the snap (as long as there is

no contact with the offense, and his movement does not cause an adjacent

offensive player on the line of scrimmage to jump. Games which are NOT a

part of SASA, will be governed by the high school rule of a dead ball

encroachment foul immediately when a member of the defensive team clearly

enters the neutral zone.

2. Timing: All NCAA timing rules apply but with 12 minute quarter length, and a

time out for “two minute warning.” Games not part of SASA will use regular

High School timing, 12 minute quarters, with a two minute warning in the

2nd and 4th quarters.

3. Players penalized for targeting will not be disqualified unless foul is deemed


4. During a Try (PAT) Team B (Defense) may score even when a scrimmage kick

fails. (SASA games only, NON SASA games are governed by regular NFHS

rules regarding a Try)

5. All other playing rules for SASA games shall be governed by NCAA rules,

unless expressly included in this document. If and when in question, SASA

games shall be governed by NCAA rules.


-- Absolutely no gatorade, energy drinks, soda, chewing gum, chewing tobacco, or sunflower seeds on the field. WATER ONLY. I can't emphasize this enough. These aren't SASA rules, but school rules, and we MUST comply.


-- Quarterbacks, if you want to use your own balls, you must bring SIX. Ball mechanics is a big part of what the officials are graded on and they need six to do it correctly. Otherwise, SASA will provide Wilson GST composite balls for you to play with.


-- Officials will do their best to honor our exceptions. These are all college officials, so some of our rules (down-by-contact) will be difficult for them, but they will do their best to honor our exceptions. Targeting will be called in the game, but no players will be ejected for it.


-- Games will be the usual 12 minutes, BUT it will be kept as college timing rules. This takes some getting used to, especially on the play clock. The officials are pretty good about not calling too many delay of games, but offenses will need to get in and out of the huddle more quickly than they're used to.


I've probably forgotten something, but that's why I'm getting all of this out there now. Again, mostly just PLEASE be respectful to the officials and the facilities where we are playing these games. This is a fantastic opportunity for us as a league, and we don't want to lose it. See everyone this weekend!